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Member Forum

Welcome to the Premium Member Community Forum.    We believe communication is important in any family and community.  We hope the Member Community forum will become a vibrant discussion portal where our Members can interact and share ideas and tips they have learned on their Preparedness journey.  Having a diverse membership with people who share a common interest, can be helpful to all members who join the conversation.

We encourage open discussions and the free exchange of ideas, tips, and resources.  This is not a place to share hate or abusive language, cursing, discrimination, pornography, anger or threats of any kind, or political ranting.  Also, this is not the place to pitch products, home business opportunities, or freelancing services.

While we do know there are some great products and services being offered by our members that may greatly benefit others in the membership community, we need to maintain some focus in the forum on exchange of ideas.  We want to help our members to share their products with others in the community, and will do our best to find and offer some appropriate ways to allow that.  Allowing Members to share their wares and resources is a way to help build community.  The Community Forum, however, is really not an appropriate place to do that.

As we begin building the topics and conversation, it may start-out a bit slow until people become more aware and familiar – and become interested in engaging in a topic.  It will grow.

So… come and feel free to share.