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PrepareyourhealthcoverWelcome to the Special Reports Section of PREPARE Premium Membership.  This is the area of your membership that will offer Special Reports and mini-trainings in preparedness,  self-reliance, and survival. This will be a very special section in your membership as we have lined-up experts who have offered some very unique trainings that will help you as you are preparing your homes and family.

We will be uploading and sharing Special Reports that will be exclusive to PREPARE Members.  These reports are typically between 6 and 10 pages and will be available to you for downloading and printing.  They will remain in your members area for your easy access. The reports will be available in PDF format for easy download for your personal archiving and printing.

We will continue to expand the topics as they we receive requests, or as we are able to coordinate with special experts in particular areas.

Importance of Setting up Your Survival Seed Bank

If you have been in a survival situation or are currently in a preparedness lifestyle – you know the importance of having a sustainable food supply.  Storing food is important, but you really need to develop an replacement system for your storage foods.  For many, that means developing a growing system – including the harvesting and saving of seeds. That’s why this Special Report might be a helpful resource. Importance of Setting-up Your Survival Seed Bank Some people avoid reading or watching the news because they don’t like what’s going on in the world.  But avoidance can’t stop what’s coming because you can’t control the things that affect the world’s

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Special Report: Ideas for Combating Cabin Fever

Many ares across the US are experiencing very unusual weather patterns.  Bitter cold temperatures, heavy snow, and ice, have hindered travel and forced many families to stay inside their homes. Of course, staying indoors for extended periods of time creates challenges.  It can get tough being confined inside a house for extended periods of time. Below is a special report written by Donna Miller that offers some great ideas for overcoming Cabin Fever.  Feel free to download and share with others.     Members can download by clicking the button/link below:

The “No Diet” diet

Our Theme for the January Digital publication of PREPARE Magazine is about the importance of health and wellness in preparedness.  It is obviously vital that that we are healthy and fit in order to deal with the stresses that will come as a result of difficulties or emergencies. We have a special download (below) that will help you get started on your health preparedness.  It is ONLY available during January, so get it now. One of our contributors, Jamie L. Burleigh, has offered us the opportunity to share a Special Report (and guide) he wrote – outlining how he lost 100lbs in ten months.  THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Congratulations Jamie,

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44 Winter Emergency Car Kit Considerations

In our area, winter is a very difficult and concerning time to drive.  We live in a very remote area and we have to travel on narrow, winding roads to get home.  In the winter, the tension intensifies due to the fast-changing weather.  If we are away from home and an intense ice storm hits, we are faced with the potential that we will be unable to drive the roads.  Worse case scenario is that we are stuck on the roads – and many miles from shelter. Tom Miller, one of our excellent contributors, shared an important guide that we believe is essential for everyone.  He gave us special permission

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