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Below are the “how to” resources in digital ebook and Special Report format. This training and reference library grows each month with additional materials. Premium Members may view or download a report or digital book by simply clicking the item below. A new page will open.

Digital e-Book Trainings

Preparedness Need: Limitless Energy

Whole Wheat Bread Making

What if you are Wrong?

Preparing for a Natural Disaster

Preparing Your Arms

Natural Remedies to Protect Your Health

Winterizing Your Home

Basics of Survival

Basics of Survival


Essential Oils in Preparedness

Basic Survival Skills

Greenhouse Growing Basics

Using Herbs in Your Preparedness

Your Preparation Garden

Survival Basics

How to Keep Bees


Preparing for a Natural Disaster


Special Reports

31 Tips for Holistic Wellness

Moveable Micro-Homestead

Sustainable Living Ideas

Winter Emergency Car Kit Considerations

Ideas for Combating Cabin Fever

Preparedness Checklist

Hydraulic Ram Pump

Prepare Your Health

Micro-Hydro Generator

Composting for Preparedness

Anatomy of a Mycro-Hydro Generator

Simple Hydroponics Growing System