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Welcome to the e-Training Section for the PREPARE Premium Membership. This is the area of your membership that will focus on training courses and materials on practical areas in Preparedness.

We will continue updating and sharing new training courses in the Members area.  These courses will be available to you for downloading and printing and will remain in your members area for easy access. The trainings will be available in pdf downloads, ebooks, interviews, and some may come in (or include) video trainings.

We will continue to expand the topics as they we receive requests, or as we are able to coordinate with special experts in particular areas.


Importance of Setting up Your Survival Seed Bank

If you have been in a survival situation or are currently in a preparedness lifestyle – you know the importance of having a sustainable food supply.  Storing food is important, but you really need to develop an replacement system for your storage foods.  For many, that means developing a growing system – including the harvesting and saving of seeds. That’s why this Special Report might be a helpful resource. Importance of Setting-up Your Survival Seed Bank Some people avoid reading or watching the news because they don’t like what’s going on in the world.  But avoidance can’t stop what’s coming because you can’t control the things that affect the world’s

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Preparedness Need: Limitless Energy

If you have been in a survival situation or are currently in a preparedness lifestyle – you know the importance of having good health and energy.  In fact, in any area of life having abundant energy is really important.  It seems cliche’ but without a good supply of energy you simply can’t do the things you want (and need) to do in order to get better prepared.  That’s why this book can be a helpful resource. Preparedness Need:  Limitless Energy Everyone is always talking about time management and how to be able to complete our preparedness plan. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for many of us and

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Survival Basics: Sharing Some Basic Survival Tips

If you are in preparedness, you know the importance of survival skills.  You know it is important to have a disaster readiness plan to keep your family safe in the event of a catastrophe.  The reality is, having a preparedness plan in place is essential for every family.  The fact is, no-one is ever going to be 100% safe.   That’s why this book will be helpful to consider some survival basics. Some Survival Basics First, let’s consider the reality of why No-one os Really 100% Safe! This is common knowledge—that disaster is everywhere. It’s in the streets, it’s inside your campuses, and it can even be found inside your home.

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Sustainable Living! Ideas to Consider for Preparedness

If you are in preparedness, you likely have supplies stored for potential difficulties ahead.  When people consider a preparation plan, most immediately think of storing food and water.  But, have you ever considered what you might do if your food storage runs out or perhaps is destroyed?  Too many people are considering hoarding and storage, instead of self-reliance and Sustainable living. Sustainable Living!  Ideas for Preparedness You recycle. You buy organic foods whenever possible and you try to combine your errands so you don’t use too much fuel. Maybe you carpool to work and occasionally buy and sell from consignment stores. Sustainability is on your radar. You want to be

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