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Exclusive Access to all past and future Digital Publications of PREPARE Magazine. (39+)
First Notice and Premium Access to LIVE Monthly Preparedness Trainings & Preparinars and recordings
Access to all Archived Preparedness Training Preparinars & Recordings (Audio and Video).
Exclusive Access to growing Archive (new release monthly) of Preparedness "How to" Ebooks & Special Reports.
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Why is PREPARE Premium Membership so Valuable?
PREPARE Premium Membership is a growing and vibrant online Preparedness Training resource providing unlimited access to live and recorded trainings each month. You get premium access to a growing archive of Preparedness training tools and how-to guides.

PREPARE Publications

Premium Member access to our extensive download area of all digital publications (past & future) of PREPARE Magazine.

Monthly Preparinars

Premium Members get early notification and FREE registration to all online Preparinars and recordings with Preparedness experts.

Video & Audio Trainings

Exclusive and unlimited access to our archive area with all recorded Preparinars, training videos, and audio Interviews.

How-to Guides & Reports

Premium Member access to a growing (monthly) “How-to” section for Training Guides, ebooks, and Special Reports.
When you become a Premium Member, here are a few examples of PREPARE publications you get Immediate access to …




Premium Membership Has Loads of Powerful Features!
The vision and mission of the PREPARE Premium Membership is to offer valuable expert training resources, and provide a vibrant Community for people to connect and share ideas

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PREPARE Magazine & Training Guides
When we first launched PREPARE Magazine in early 2012, we were quite humbled with the response and tremendous support we received. We never imagined that we would grow to have tens-of-thousands of readers each month.

From our very first digital publication we received many, many requests to have access to previous publications. It became a bit overwhelming, so we decided to compile all past digital publications and offer access to the archive to those those who wanted. We added a huge collection of additional resources along with the past publications and launched the PREPARE Premium Membership.

Preparedness Experts Sharing
PREPARE Premium Membership includes training resources from experts who have joined with us to offer important instruction, how-to guides, and preparedness lifestyle tips.

Each Month we add new resources for our members based on how long they have been a Premium Member. In other words, you membership grows each month with new materials and content.

That’s Cool… But What Else Do Premium Members Get?
PREPARE Premium Membership is loaded with Preparedness training and Resource materials. But it is much more than that. Here are some of the other benefits of a Premium Membership …

Discounts and Coupons

Premium Members get a discount on PREPARE print subscription and other Preparedness Resources.

Premium Member Forum

We’re building an active and vibrant Preparedness Community to share ideas and help support each other.

Affiliate Participation

Premium Members are approved as an Affiliate Partner. Share our FREE publication and you can earn $.

Premium Support

As a Premium Member you will get access to our first-class customer support. You will get fast response.
Your Premium Membership can generate an Income Stream!
There is great value in having a Premium Membership because of all the extensive training and community resources. But there is also an opportunity to earn income by sharing with others. Premium Members are automatically approved as an Affiliate Partner.


With a Premium Membership You will be connected with a strong Preparedness Community.
Effective Preparedness involves connecting with a safe and supportive Community of like-minded people.

We believe it is important to join with others who are in a preparedness lifestyle. The support and exchange of ideas offers encouragement and a helpful resource.

Within our Membership and community forum, you can build relationships to help you on your Preparedness journey. We are working to develop and monitor a Member Forum that allows people to connect and share guidance and helpful ideas.

This benefit alone is well worth the small price of joining the Premium Membership.

Our Premium Membership Guarantee

We are confident that you will absolutely appreciate the extensive resources you get with an annual Premium Membership. If you are not completely satisfied (after one-month) with what you are receiving, simply contact our support desk and we will be happy to cancel the remaining months of your membership – Minus a one-month fee.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What does the Premium Membership fee cover?

The PREPARE Premium Membership covers complete and immediate access to all the resources and training materials outlined on this page. You can view the list of Preparinars, ebooks, video recordings, and how-to guides, on the main page of Prepare Member.

If I become a Premium Member, will I have to pay extra for the Preparinars with the Experts?

The PREPARE Premium Membership gives you exclusive notice and participation in our monthly Preparinars and Video events. You will not have to pay any additional registration fees to attend these events.

I have a free digital subscription to PREPARE Magazine. Why would I need to get a Premium Membership?

Many of our free digital subscribers get a Premium Membership because they want to have access to all the previously released publications. In addition, they want to have the download PDF of each publication and the other training resources, participation in the live events, and the recordings that are available in the Premium Membership.

If I am unable to attend a monthly Preparinar, will Premium Members have access to the recording?

Absolutely! Premium Members get exclusive access to the recordings AND any download materials provided by the guest preparedness expert. The recordings and download materials will be available in the member area.
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